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                          Service Hotline:0757-86816236

                          Contact Number:13923167228

                          ABOUT US

                          Company Profile

                          Foshan Like Fireproof Material Co., Ltd. - specializing in the research and development, sales and finishing of textiles (such as waterproofing, antifouling, mildew proof, anti-mite, anti-ultraviolet treatment, etc.), the products and projects involved in textiles Printing and dyeing, furniture industry, sponges, leather, toys, handicrafts and other industries. In recent years, it also produces and sells multi-functional flame-retardant fabrics, including sofa fabrics, dining chair fabrics, office fabrics, outdoor fabrics, canvases, curtain fabrics, and so on.

                          The company's products are of stable quality and meet the needs of fire retardant and fireproof standards in domestic and European countries. The products are certified by relevant authorities (such as SGS, CMA) and meet the flame retardant fireproof standards of countries around the world:

                          British Standard: BS5852, BS7176, BS7177, BS5867

                          United States: NFPA 701, CA117, TB1633...

                          Domestic: Flame retardant national standard B1 level ....

                          Lake's main business projects:

                          1. Development, production and sales of flame retardants (general flame retardant, washable flame retardant and fireproof coating adhesive)

                          2, flame retardant processing (furniture fabric processing such as British standard BS5852, BS7176, American standard CA117, etc.)

                          3, sales of waterproof antifouling agents, anti-UV agents, anti-mold anti-bacterial agents, antistatic agents, etc...

                          4, to undertake home, hotel, hotel and large conference rooms, curtain decoration engineering cloth

                          5, sales of multi-functional fabrics such as sofa cloth / sound-absorbing cloth / dining chair cloth / office fabrics, etc., sample-made

                          If you have any needs in this regard, you can contact us, hope and cooperate!

                          Foshan Lake Fireproof Material Co., Ltd.

                          Address: No. 8, Block B6, Zhongxing Street, Xiqiao Textile City, Nanhai District, Foshan City

                          Branch address: No. 13, Houlong, 1 row, Jinglong, Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan City

                          Factory Address: Lisheng Road, Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City

                          Contact: 0757-86816236 Fax: 0757-86816246

                          Contact: Liu Zhibin Mobile: 13923167228

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